Community for everyone

WASMITHERZ is a community with a vision to improve our district – Nordstadt, Hannover.  ❤️

We promote a colourful, diverse and self-created neighbourhood with projects and community events. In our Community Center, you have the opportunity to realise your personal, heartfelt projects and visions. 

You can develop your ideas further in the communal Coworking Space or use our Rooms for events, courses or meetings. You can easily take part in one of our offers or get involved in one of our social projects.

You can read in english about our projects here, just scroll down to the bottom:

Feel free to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Community Center

Is rentable space for neighborhood projects, education, events and activities of all kinds – bookable directly on the website. A whole variety of events take place on a weekly basis serving a range of interests. 


In our collaborative workspaces in Nordstadt and Linden, people can work towards their social, sustainable and community driven projects <3


Positive, worthwhile and interesting neighborhood initiatives have emerged in our WASMITHERZ family. Get involved in our social projects.


Our community is made up of great people who care about our community.

We provide support through experience, knowledge and commitment for a better local community experience.


People like you can offer a colourful agenda in our Community Center. Yoga, meditation, non-violent communication, positive psychology, hand lettering, singing, theatre, crafting, help groups and more  – many courageous people want to share their knowledge and skills with you!