Bibliothek der Dinge

The Library of Things is an endless trove of treasures.

Here anyone or any organisation can borrow many useful items for a low price.

In cooperation with the Gesellschaft fur ausserordenliches Zusammenarbeit, the main ideas behind the Library of Things are to:

  • Allow access to many items which are often unaffordable
  • Prevent the need for buying items that are rarely used. (We don’t need to manufacture, distribute and buy 200 drills for our street. We need a place in every community where we know we can easily make use of items and not have to end up storing them in the cellar forever.
  • Allow, enable and empower individuals to improve their homes and communities and reduce
  • Allow, enable and empower groups and societies to create projects and events and further their ability to reach common goals.
  • To use our resources in a more efficient way
  • To develop and permanently establish a non-profit oriented prototype of the sharing economy in Hanover.

Similar to a conventional library in its basic features, but differs in the type of items that can be borrowed. Instead of books, a wide range of borrowable items is offered: Tools, Media Equipment, Event equipment, kitchen equipment and other items can be booked and borrowed.

Resource Hub is the backbone of this shared economy. A website where several locations throughout Hannover provide a bewildering variety of items. We are one of many organisations and places, each with completely different items on offer. TPZ have a catalogue of costumes and clothing for example.

Here you can browse through items available throughout the city and find not only the items you need but also in a location conveniently close to you. You can book items directly on Resource Hub.

Either come visit us in WASMITHERZ e.V. and ask for Pri or take a look at

Who can borrow items?
Everyone 🙂

When are you open?
Our opening hours are:
Monday: 10:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 10:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 10:00 – 15:00
Thursday: 10:00 – 18:00
Friday: 13:00 – 16:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

What does it cost?
We want to offer the items as cheaply as possible, you can find the prices on or by visiting in person.

Do you have questions about the Library of Things, would you like to donate items? Then send us an email at or

Why does borrowing make sense?

  • Why buy when an object can be borrowed?
  • Borrowing is sustainable and saves resources.
  • Borrowing reduces the impact on the environment, the consumption of raw materials and waste.
  • Borrowing saves money. This benefits low-income groups and groups of people who rarely need the equipment.
  • Borrowing makes people more flexible and creates financial and physical freedom.
  • Borrowing strengthens the DIY idea and empowers people to do their own projects.
  • Borrowing makes projects more likely to be realised and prevents failure due to a lack of basic equipment. This is beneficial for start-ups, temporary art projects or neighbourhood initiatives.
  • Borrowing improves the quality of life of individuals through the financial freedom gained and the reduced need for space.
  • Borrowing strengthens the awareness of common goods.
  • Lending connects people, strengthens social togetherness and promotes a lively neighbourhood.

    Similar initiatives have developed in many large cities around the world in recent years and have found favour with the population.
    These include libraries such as
    Sharing Depot in Toronto
    London Library of Things in London.
    De Deelkelder in Utrecht
    Library of Things in Prague
    Knjiznicareci in Ljubljana
    Leila in Berlin