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Do-In Energetic Yoga Workshop (10.00-12.00)

April 13 @ 9:30 - 12:30


Hello Lovely People!

I am really excited to announce that on Saturday the 13th of April I will be giving my first Do-In Energetic Yoga Class in Hannover! Do-In is a type of Yoga where we focus on stretching the Meridians, our energy lines, in order to let the energy flow freely through our body.

Do-In is closely related to the rhythm of nature. We have currently started the Spring season and everything in nature comes to life. Also we become ‘alive’ again. Our intentions, dreams and wishes set earlier this year are getting form and we bring our projects into the world. Spring is a time of expansion, everything grows and blows and the Wood Energy is incredible high! It is important to have a good grounding, a strong foundation for our projects. And at the same time it is also it is important to be flexible, letting the energy flow through our body and our life.

During this class we will start with a meditation, connecting our Head, Heart and Hara. Then we will wake up the energy lines in the body, followed by a Do-In yoga sequence focussing especially on the Liver and Gallbladder meridians, which are connected with the Wood element and Spring. After that there will be a relaxing end meditation. We finish the class with some tea and small snacks, and the possibility to share our experience, feelings, or anything you would like to share.
The class will be in English, questions can be asked in German, Spanish and Dutch as well :)! The room is open as of 09.45. The class will start at 10.00 and takes 2 hours, ending at 12.00.

There is room for 10 people. If you would like to have more information, just sent me an email: The energy exchange is 15€ per person.

Have a lovely day and hope to see you soon!!

Lots of Love and Healing Energy,


April 13
9:30 - 12:30



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